Candy Sommers

Candy Sommers - apartmentwrestlers.comCandy Sommers made the best of her time in ACW. She managed to sneak her way into the promotion with the help of Diane Hunter and parlayed that into a three year contract. While she wasn’t really a talented wrestler, she did have some qualities that made her successful and a fan favorite.

The Good: She was a hard worker, trained well and kept her body in shape. Was a very pleasant person behind the scenes but could be very confrontational in matches and in the locker room, a real trash-talker. Very punctual and loved to take part in photo-shoots and promotional appearances.

The Bad: Candy was not a very good catfighter. She lacked the size and the talent to be a contender. While aggressive  she lacked strength and never really developed signature moves to keep her competitive. While she did work hard, she knew she wasn’t going to be a contender so she was really just working to put herself in the spotlight to prepare for her next career.

The Personal: Candy was fine behind the scenes, but she did try to play a part in Taylor Wilson’s scheme. I guess you could say she seduced me one night and tried to blackmail me with a bogus  assault charge, but fortunately I taped it and her claims fizzled out. She did have a nice ass but the event wasn’t all that memorable.

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VIDEO CLIP – Candy vs. Dixie Monroe – Candy Sommers and Dixie Monroe came into ACW to seek apartment wrestling fame but fell into the party girl life. Soon enough, they were both working part-time as strippers, specializing in ‘TWO-GIRL” shows. In this match, they are back as wrestlers, who as it happens end up stripping the bikinis off of each other.

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