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Daisee Douglas is what the wrestling industry refers to as a good hand. She was never a superstar and really never figured into the ACW title picture, but she almost always had a good match and rose to the occasion when she was pitted against top talent.

The Good: Daisee had pretty good size and was an aggressive wrestler. She didn’t back down and surprised people with her trash-talking. She was eager  to learn and did have aspirations to be great. From a physical standpoint, many found her appealing with her flowing red hair and her natural “D” breasts. She played the farmer’s daughter routine which endeared her to some, so she worked for a niche audience. Daisee was a very likable woman, friendly and warm. She was easy to get along with, with management, fellow wrestlers and fads. The promotion could do with a lot of Daisee’s.

The Bad: As hard as she worked, she never had the talent to really compete for the highest spots in the promotion. When she had a chance she gave it her all and matched up well against superior wrestlers but you never felt she would actually win, even if they took her lightly. She had average strength and size, good stamina, but nothing that would scare another competitor. One of her biggest negatives was the company that she kept. She was friendly with everyone but she hung around with Taylor Wilson and Diane Hunter, and worst of all Cassidy Collins. Those associations caused a lot of people to sour on her and probably to not lobby for her. We discussed this but she liked who she liked and that was that.

The Personal: There was no relationship between us. Despite the size of her breasts and her pleasant personality, I wasn’t attracted to her. She did film a scene with the fake Tanako making out but it was under the belief that it was being filmed as a practical joke, so don’t believe the video or the photos.
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VIDEO CLIP – Daisee vs. Rosario Delgado
his match can be summed up in the following exchange:Daisee: You Latinas call it a booty but it’s just a fat ass…”
Rosario: You’re damn right it’s a phat ass. One you never had.Big natural breasts vs. the best ass in the business.

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VIDEO CLIP – Daisee vs. Daniella Cartier 
Wow. Picture this. The ACW Champion Daniella Cartier faces Daisee Douglas in a match in a Penthouse apartment in downtown Chicago. Now pictures Daisee trying a frog splash from the window sill and then Daniella slamming Daisee into the window, a full 30 stories up. Now picture the nasty slapfight that follows. If you pictured that, now watch it.… go to our clips store


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VIDEO CLIP – Daisee vs. Cassidy Collins I
Daisee Douglas and Cassidy Collins don’t like each other. Something about the other just each girl the wrong way. As they prepare to meet in battle there is just something extra in the air that serves as a warning signal. Daisee, a buxom natural Double-D redhead is full of confidence, while Cassidy, a shapely brunette is full of sarcasm and cockiness. When these two mix, something is bound to explode.… go to our clips store