Daniella Cartier

Daniella Cartier - apartmentwrestlers.comThe greatest of all time. I think that says it all. Daniella Cartier was ACW, she lived and breathed the promotion and did more for it that anyone else, including me. She was the symbol of the promotion, the star, the representative and the figure that we had all of the talent look up to. If we could have cloned her just once, she would have reigned for twenty years.

The Good: This could take a month. Let’s start with talent. She had really great size, around 5′ 9″, 135 lbs. She was strong, fit, and agile, She was quicker than one might think and relentless in a match. She had stamina and employed strategy. What she lacked in technique and wrestling skills, she made up for in preparation and planning. She was beautiful and sexy, a favorite of cameramen  She endured photo shoot after photo shoot for almost ten years on behalf of the promotion. She was friendly with the fans and a leader in the locker room. Her leadership helped immensely, especially in times where I was suspended or involved in something away from my day to day duties. After her retirement, we made her part of management, basically making official what she had been doing for years, representing the promotion and keeping a harmony within the locker room.

The Bad: Not very many bad things could be said bout her. She probably wrestled injured to often which hurt her in her later years. She didn’t have a mean streak in her but when provoked would take great risks, such as when she delivered a piledriver on Tiffani Jones and almost broke her neck. While I believe her to be the best catfighter ever, she did so without a lot of technical skills, or should I say a natural, out of the box talent. She learned and picked things up through the years and became a great wrestler, but without the skill set of an Alex Del Monacco or a Diane Hunter.

The Personal: Daniella and I were great friends but nothing ever developed between us. Most likely that is why we stayed such great friends.
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VIDEO CLIP – Daniella vs. Diane Hunter III
Diane Hunter has given Daniella all she can handle but Daniella has remained victorious. In this third bout Hunter has a different plan. Will Daniella become overconfident or will she continue her success.… go to our clips store


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VIDEO CLIP – Daniella vs. Daisee Douglas
Wow. Picture this. The ACW Champion Daniella Cartier faces Daisee Douglas in a match in a Penthouse apartment in downtown Chicago. Now pictures Daisee trying a frog splash from the window sill and then Daniella slamming Daisee into the window, a full 30 stories up. Now picture the nasty slapfight that follows. If you pictured that, now watch it … go to our clips store


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VIDEO CLIP – Daniella vs. Cassidy Collins
Daniella Cartier and Cassidy Collins don’t like each other. There are a lot o examples of opponents who don’t care for one another in catfighting but Daniella and Cassidy seem to sicken one another. Daniella reportedly refused to take the match against Cassidy because she didn’t want to actually touch her opponent.The match got ugly fast with Daniella calling Cassidy ”Trailer Trash.” Cassidy responded by calling Daniella “Jungle Bunny Barbie. Did I mention that they don’t like each other. … go to our clips store