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Diane Hunter is the hardest working woman to ever perform in ACW. Her determination and tenacity were unparalleled  I didn’t give her a chance and nobody else wanted to either, but she wouldn’t take no for an answer. She kept plugging away, trying and trying and trying to get a break and out of the C-list level. It finally took her cursing me out and telling me to my face that I had held her back and that she could out-wrestle any of the other girls and could probably out-wrestle me. My first reaction was to laugh in her face, but here was a woman who had been with the promotion forever and was in tears because she wasn’t getting a chance to show that she could be great. I realized she was right and decided to give her an opportunity, although I still had no belief that she could be a star. She proved me completely wrong and ended up becoming a great champion.

The Good: More than anything else, Diane is the most relentless woman to ever exist in the sport. She just wouldn’t quit no matter how much she was ignored. Furthermore, she is the most passionate catfighter I have ever encountered.. She was obsessed and consumed with learning more and more about the sport. She was always trying to practice new techniques and maneuvers, always, always, always trying to improve. She had good size, about 5′ 7″, 127 lbs. and solid as a brick. She was wiry strong and could be brutal when she wanted to make a point. She was a wrestlers’ wrestler. Lost on us was how attractive she was. I guess it was also because she couldn’t stand that “cupcakes shaking their asses” were getting all the breaks. Eventually, she came around a little and tried a sexier approach and we realized that she was pretty hot and had a great, hard body. When she put it all together, she was awesome.

The Bad: The bad would be her attitude when she wasn’t getting a chance, but that was more our fault that hers. She just got to a point where she was hard to deal with or control, both before she got a shot at the title and after she won it. Check out her tirade after winning the belt. Even though most of it was directed at me, it was still pretty impressive. Instant classic.

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The Personal: We never had much of a relationship, or even friendship. There were a few occasions where we got a little cozy but it never went anywhere. Well, I shouldn’t say anywhere but it never lead to a romantic relationship, just a booty call kind of a thing on both our parts. However, from a working point of view, she was the first person I thought of when we decide to create the position of head trainer. Although she engaged in some of the fake Tanako videos, I still have a lot of respect for her.
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VIDEO CLIP – Diane vs. Rosario Delgado
Diane Hunter’s reign as the ACW champion was not as happy as one would have expected. She felt after years of hard work and facing highly-skilled competitors that the newest breed of ACW competitors were a bunch of big-breasted, big booty powder puffs. She felt no differently about Rosario Delgado. Rosario, however, isn’t going to disrepectful from anyone, not even the champ. This one got so wild and rough that the match was halted when Rosario picked up a chair and tried to hit Diane. When it continue, both girls gave their all to inflict pain and insults with belly punching, scissor lock holds and more. … go to our clips store


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VIDEO CLIP – Diane vs. Daniella Cartier II 
Like their first match, Daniella and Diane engage in another thrilling action packed battle. daniella launches a sneak attack on Hunter, even spanking her with her own shoe. Hunter returns the favor and it’s on! … go to our clips store


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VIDEO CLIP – Diane vs. Cassidy Collins
Diane Hunter has no respect for Cassidy Collins. Hunter, the technical wrestler who reigned for more than a year as ACW champion looks at Collins as an unskilled T and A slut. Collins doesn’t like to take off of anyone so she goes at the former champ with everything she’s got. … go to our clips store