Galas Looner

Galas Looner -
Galas Looner is a rising star, but her career could get derailed at any minute. She has it all – looks, body and wrestling ability, but with people whispering in her ear, she may lose the focus needed to win at the highest level.

The Good: While I would not call her a wrestling technician, I will say she has her own set of catfight move which she employs in an effective manner. She is known for her belly punches and kicks, her leg scissors and her face sitting. She was trained by Diane Hunter although they are no longer working together. She now works with a private trainer who also works as her “pseudo-manager.” She is small compared to a lot of other catfighters but uses her size well. She’s very attractive when she wants to be. Many think she looks like Gwen Stefani. In general she has a pleasant personality and gets along with most people within the promotion. She has a very nice body with great natural breast and a shapely, thick rear end. She has a pretty good package overall and has met with success fairly early.

The Bad: There are two things they may prevent her from making it to the top of the promotion. First is her physical fitness. She is not a workout warrior. She works hard in her matches but she does not train the way we think she should. She doesn’t do cardio or strength training and it shows as her body has lost a lot of tone. Second, she is getting bad advice and it has caused problems with others in management as well as with her co-workers. Sometimes you can see a rising star pause and you wonder whether they are about to make a spectacular fall.

The Personal: There is no relationship between us, not because she isn’t attractive, but just because of timing and other relationships. She did make a sexy video for me which I may share with the fans one day. Who knew such a sweet girl could be so bad.
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VIDEO CLIP – Galas vs. Kaila Ali
Things start out on a sour note as Kaila calls Galas a Gwen Stefani wannabe and Galas lets her know that she may wannabe shutting the fuck up! These two are complete opposites. Kaila is taller and tightly wound, enjoying taking a more athletic, high octane approach to the match. Galas, a more experienced worker keeps to a ground game mixed with kicks and punches. . After things got really heated, Kaila bent Galas over on the bed and announced “It’s prison time! Now I’m gonna show you how we really get down!” ‘Nuff said – this is ACW! … go to our clips store
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VIDEO CLIPGalas vs. Megan Jones V
Galas Looner entered ACW with a lot of promise and a lot of people betting on her to be the next big thing for the promotion, but after a promising start, things started falling apart. Now, after battling her way back into the top rankings, she has demanded a title shot. Megan laughed at her demand until Galas made it too interesting to walk away from. From the first time in ACW, the title is on the line in a Belt vs. Hair match. Both girls find themselves topless with big tits flying everywhere. Galas vs. Megan – in A-C-W! … go to our clips store
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VIDEO CLIP – Galas vs. Jen Capone
Galas Looner and Jen Capone are throwing down. With both of their careers in the balance, Galas and Jen meet in a catfight showdown.  For each girl, a win in this match would get them one step closer to a shot at the Inter-Condominium title belt and some much needed credibility within the promotion. Jen is fearless as seen by her leaping naked Thesz press. Galas doesn’t impress easily so we have an evenly matched bout between two girls hungry for a win. This is a match-up of two girls who don’t mind getting naked to get a win… and this is A-C-W! … go to our clips store