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Jazmine Cashmere - apartmentwrestlers.com

Jazmine Cashmere was in ACW for about five minutes. Actually is was two months (under the name Angela Foster), but you kind of got the idea that she had an agenda that was not about apartment wrestling. She ended up using her exposure to launch a porn career and became vert successful  Now normally I would be pretty pissed off the someone had used the promotion as a stepping stone to somewhere else but Jazmine did the right thing and was able to direct a lot of traffic back towards ACW.

The Good: Well, Jazmine had average size and strength. She did have a positive attitude and worked fairly hard. She trained regularly and did show progress, especially in using submission holds. She was attractive and not shy about presenting a sexy image (little did we know).

The Bad: The biggest problem was that she left just as she began to make improvements in her game. It also didn’t help that she left without giving us much of a heads-up, so when the media began making inquiries, we weren’t really ready for it.

The Personal: There was no relationship between us but boy, had I known then what I know now.
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Jazmine Cahsmere vs. Celina Vasquez

VIDEO CLIP – Celina vs. Angela Foster
Angela Foster takes on Celina Vasquez. Angela (who now works as award winning Porn Star Jazmine Cashmere) has the size advantage but Celina is scrappy and won’t give in or give it up without a fight.

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Jazmine Cashmere - ACW

VIDEO CLIP – Angela’s Naughty Nude
NEVER BEFORE SEEN: A Clips4Sale Exclusive. Part of the ACW Naughty Girl Series. Angela Foster was only briefly in ACW and has now risen to great heights as a very popular PORN STAR under the name JAZMINE CASHMERE. This may have been her video debut as she gets nasty for the camera in all her nude glory.

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