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Kaila Ali has the potential for greatness.  Now and then you find a wrestler who seems to have all of the tools. Size, strength, body, looks. Well Kaila has all of that, including an athleticism that is rarely seen in apartment wrestling. These attributes could lead to her becoming on a the biggest stars in the promotion and the industry. At the same time, there are character traits that could spell trouble for her and those around her.

The Good: Where do we start. First of all she is beautiful Very attractive and has an absolute killer body. Ripped abs, big breasts and an incredibly round ass. Those are all very good from a sexiness point of view and make her easy to market. She is very tall and muscular, giving her a size and strength advantage over most of her competitors and knows how to use that advantage. She is sometimes daring with her athleticism, which also provides an advantage but could also blow up in her face. She is brimming with confidence and is hungry for success.

The Bad: She has some mysterious sides to her, some things I just don’t understand. She constantly runs late, which pisses off trainers and competitors. She can appear very moody on minutes and super excited another. She has no-showed several events and a few matches and will not explain herself. Despite all of her great attributes, these uncertainties will crush any push she is getting and could derail her career.

The Personal: There has been no relationship with her so far, mostly because I’m a little wary of her. That said, she is hot and if you have seen her in action, you can imagine what she would be like between the sheets. I have my eye on her.

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VIDEO CLIP – Kaila vs. Katie Cummings
First of all, this matchup is fantastic just from a hot sexy ass chick point of view. Kaila is tall, strong and athletic with a big rack and a big round rear end. Katie meanwhile is is soft in all the right places with huge natural tits and a sweet, phat ass. Now throw in that both girls want to grind their asses and tits in the other girls faces and that means there is great action to be seen. Oh yeah…, and then there is the match. They fight their way up the stairs and even crash into another room where Katie Anderson is in the middle of a photo shoot. She chases them out and from there Katie Cummings chases Kaila out onto a balcony with no top on. The neighbors saw and eyeful.  … go to our clips store
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VIDEO CLIP – Kaila vs. Galas Looner

Things start out on a sour note as Kaila calls Galas a Gwen Stefani wannabe and Galas lets her know that she may wannabe shutting the fuck up! These two are complete opposites. Kaila is taller and tightly wound, enjoying taking a more athletic, high octane approach to the match. Galas, a more experienced worker keeps to a ground game mixed with kicks and punches. . After things got really heated, Kaila bent Galas over on the bed and announced “It’s prison time! Now I’m gonna show you how we really get down!” ‘Nuff said – this is ACW!

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VIDEO CLIPKaila vs. Jen Capone
Kaila Ali is back and this time she is taking on Slim Jen Capone.   Kaila thinks the IC belt is just a stepping stone to the ACW title and that Jen is a stepping stone as well. The action takes place throughout the house, starting in the living room and moving to the stairs, then one bedroom, then another and then another.Kaila doesn’t feel the need to be formal and uses one of her best weapons as she sits on Jen’s chest and smashes her ass down repeatedly. Jen responds by trying to pinch Kaila’s nipples off. Kaila returns the favor by spanking Jen’s ass and leaving her howling. …. go to our clips store