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Katie Anderson is called “the Natural,” and she really is, from her head down to her toes. She took to catfighting very easily and could fool and opponent both with how nice she was outside of a match as well as how intense and mean she could be during a match. Although very pleasant, she is also very serious, she doesn’t like to do a lot of chatting with the girls in her off hours but she will talk trash in a second in response to her opponent. She has ACW Champion written all over her if she gets the opportunity and the right approach.

The Good: Athletically, she was young and fit, she has a great natural body which she develops strictly from cat fighting. Her endurance is very good and she has a pretty good pain tolerance. She is very attractive and sexy in a girl next door way. Her body, though very fit, is soft like the girl next door so it has a certain appeal. She’s all natural, natural breast, nicely shaped ass and while she doesn’t like showing off her body, it won’t stop her in the middle of the match if her bikini gets ripped off. She’s a hard worker and dedicated to getting better.

The Bad: Physically, she was an average size and strength and while she has an all-around talent for catfighting, she doesn’t possess great strength or technical skills. Also because she is so lo key, many question her real passion for the sport. She’s not a great talker. She’s better at trash talking than she is in cutting promos, which could limit her marketability. She is very nice, very pleasant but she doesn’t make time for a lot of small talk with the girls in the locker room so she’s not everybody’s favorite.

The Personal: My dealings with Katie have always been positive, but then again I’m the boss. Our relationship has never extended beyond business, but I have enjoyed having her on the roster.

Katie Anderson is a great asset to the promotion and I believe with more focus on developing her all-around package she could become the ACW Champion. While I think she could do it from the wrestling standpoint, I’m not sure whether she has what it take from the marketing, presentation point of view.

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[videojs mp4=”https://tanakox.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Voiceover-Jen-Anderson-2.mp4″ poster=”https://tanakox.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/jen-anderson2-640.jpg” width=”540″ id=”anderson-jen2″]

VIDEO CLIP – Katie vs. Jen Capone II

Jen Capone and Katie Anderson are clawing their way up the ranks in ACW. At the beginning of this match, Jen hits Katie with a sofa pillow. Katie let’s her know straight out “This ain’t no pillow fight bitch” And that sums up this match.  Their match takes on a whole new level of physicality all the way until the end… And even then it’s not over. The two get back into their bikinis and begin arguing. They can’t settle it in a war of words so they start again in an impromptu bonus match.

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VIDEO CLIP – Katie vs. Megan Jones II
In their last meeting, Megan Jones and Katie Anderson showed why they are the two best wrestlers in ACW. Katie is the “All-American Girl” and she is a well rounded catfighter, using strategy along with her unique skill-set. Megan is the ultimate powerhouse who uses power and intimidation to get her way. WARNING, both wrestlers end up topless in this match. … go to our clips store


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VIDEO CLIP – Katie vs. Katie Cummings
What a matchup. First of all, you have two beautiful girls and they are all natural – no silicone to be found. Now that is certainly rare these days. Katie Anderson is called “the natural. She is the girls you wished lived next door. Beautiful, curvaceous and blond. Katie Cummings is a naughty latina with huge natural tits and danger in her eyes. They move the actions between rooms, upstairs and downstairs. Eventually, the bikinis become afterthoughts as the two girls engage in a naked brawl. … go to our clips store