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Katie Cummings is an unlikely star in ACW, entering the promotion without most of the qualities that are seen as essential for a catfighter. Nonetheless, she has made a name for herself, improving with every match and gaining a lot of confidence.

The Good: Katie Cummings to the promotion as the sweetest “bad girl” in recent memory. She had starred in a number of adult movies and was attempting to make the transition to fetish work and thought she would try her hand at catfighting. A former new starlet of the year nominee, she seemed well worth the risk to bring in. She was very inexperienced and needed a great deal of training but she really wanted to succeed so she worked very hard and kept improving. We helped her focus on what she could do best which was roughhousing and wearing her opponent down and the more we narrowed her focus, the better she got. She always had a great attitude, even when she was getting critiqued and she always tried to improve. She got along with all of the management and the trainers and worked very hard on promotional ventures. We send her to Japan to compete in the D-Cup tournament even though we really didn’t think she had enough experience (I was traveling over and she wanted to accompany me, so we entered her in the tournament) and she stunned everybody and won. As D-Cup champions come, she definitely “filled” the position.

The Bad: Katie worked very hard but didn’t necessarily take care of herself. Her eating habits became a problem as did her tendency to get chunky.  As I said, she was inexperienced and very raw which kept her in back of most of her classmates. She can become frustrated, although she shows up the next day ready to work hard. She likes to party which could be problematic in the future.

The Personal: Katie and I had an on-and-off relationship. It was kind of weird because it was never a one night stand kind of thing but it always involved a night out and we really got along really well but we never got around to dating. And she was a porn star so that worked out well in my favor.

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VIDEO CLIP – Kaila vs. Katie Cummings
First of all, this matchup is fantastic just from a hot sexy ass chick point of view. Kaila is tall, strong and athletic with a big rack and a big round rear end. Katie meanwhile is is soft in all the right places with huge natural tits and a sweet, phat ass. Now throw in that both girls want to grind their asses and tits in the other girls faces and that means there is great action to be seen. Oh yeah…, and then there is the match. They fight their way up the stairs and even crash into another room where Katie Anderson is in the middle of a photo shoot. She chases them out and from there Katie Cummings chases Kaila out onto a balcony with no top on. The neighbors saw and eyeful.  … go to our clips store

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VIDEO CLIP – Katie vs. Galas Looner II
In their last matchup, Katie Cummings had Galas to rights before the blonde turned the tables on her. The loss stung but not as much as the taunting Galas put on her for the next few months. Now the girls are back and they engage in not one but two matches here. Fans of these girls will have to choose whom to root for – the beautiful platinum blonde with the natural breasts and bubbly booty or the brunette with HUGE natural tits and a phat ass that she likes to use as a weapon. Any way you look at it, that’s a great choice to have to make.… go to our clips store

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VIDEO CLIP – Katie vs. Katie Anderson
What a matchup. First of all, you have two beautiful girls and they are all natural – no silicone to be found. Now that is certainly rare these days. Katie Anderson is called “the natural. She is the girls you wished lived next door. Beautiful, curvaceous and blond. Katie Cummings is a naughty latina with huge natural tits and danger in her eyes. They move the actions between rooms, upstairs and downstairs. Eventually, the bikinis become afterthoughts as the two girls engage in a naked brawl.… go to our clips store