Megan Jones

Megan Jones -
Megan Jones entered the promotion as the best new prospect in ten years, but she also entered amongst the best wrestling class in the history of apartment wrestling. Through it all, Megan perservered, plowing threw her opponents and taking the ACW title belt away from long-time champion Daniella Cartier. Her reign as a champion has had its ups and downs but she has been more than credible and quite dominant.

The Good: Megan is strong, intense and clever. She adjusts her approach according to her opponent and trains accordingly. She is a tireless work and very professional about her training and dedication to the sport. She watches films of her opponents and of past champions in their matches. She is not a party girl, so she is really an ideal representative of the promotion. She is very powerful, using a bruising style and approach. She is very aggressive and more than anything else she carries herself as a champion and exudes supreme confidence.

The Bad: Sometimes her confidence and aggressiveness bites her in the butt. She can be lead down a path and pulled into a trap. While her powerful, bruising approach can where down most of her opponents, it showcases her lack of finesse and her limited skill-set in terms of catfighting technique. She is so dedicated to her career that some worry about her suffering from burnout. She gets along well with management and with the training staff but doesn’t have a lot friends amongst the wrestlers.

The Personal: Megan and I have not had any kind of relationship other than a work one. While I find her attractive there has never been a kind of attraction there.

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VIDEO CLIP – Megan vs. Galas Looner V
Galas Looner entered ACW with a lot of promise and a lot of people betting on her to be the next big thing for the promotion, but after a promising start, things started falling apart. Now, after battling her way back into the top rankings, she has demanded a title shot. Megan laughed at her demand until Galas made it too interesting to walk away from. From the first time in ACW, the title is on the line in a Belt vs. Hair match. Both girls find themselves topless with big tits flying everywhere. Galas vs. Megan – in A-C-W! … go to our clips store

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VIDEO CLIP – Megan vs. Kristin James III
Megan decides to dress up as Wonder Woman in order to intimidate her sister but starts the match off with some old school belly punches. Kristin doesn’t take too kindly of it and the two fight their way to the couch, grabbing titties and twisting knees.  As they go back and forth, Megan realizes that her little sister isn’t here to play and that she’s in for a tougher fight than she anticipated. The match ends with a surprising and “controversial” maneuver. Excellent match and great ACW action. … go to our clips store

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VIDEO CLIP – Megan vs. Katie Anderson III
Megan Jones and Katie Anderson are back in action, elevating the art of apartment wrestling to new heights.They start out at the stairway where Megan delivers a kick to Katie’s stomach and runs upstairs. Katie follows and the rest of the action takes place on the bed. One thing is for sure – Katie is getting better and better in every matchup and Megan is having a harder time staving her off, but Megan is the champ for a reason. These two lay it on the line, punishing each other and themselves for the right to be ACW champion. Hot, blonde, TOPLESS action!… go to our clips store