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Mia Bankz entered ACW as the best of a small entry class. She was brought in by her “friend” Jen Capone. Now truthfully, let’s just say that Jen had my “ear” and that’s how Mia got in. However, Mia performed very well, put together a nice winning streak and surprised everyone by becoming Rookie of the Year.

The Good: Despite her small size, Mia is very aggressive, like one of those dogs who don’t know that they are a little dog. She is fairly quick, is aggressive and somewhat fearless. She has developed some of her own signature moves and makes a point to use them in every match. For marketing purposes, she is attractive and very bubbly and is easy to work with. She gets along with pretty much everyone except for Jen Capone.

The Bad: She is very short and has to be careful wrestling against more talented performers. Can be overly aggressive and can get herself into trouble. Very young and somewhat naive and can be very gullible to the wrong voice in her ear.

The Personal: There was never a relationship, although we did fool around a little bit but that was more about irritating Jen when we were at odds. I know it was wrong but women will do that to you sometimes.

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VIDEO CLIP – Jen vs. Mia Bankz

Jen Capone has been an ACW vet for almost three years now and she has enjoyed moderate success. Now, she decided to bring a new competitor into the fold, her friend Mia Bankz.

The match begins in the living room with both girls trying to show what she can do but moves into the lower bedroom when Mia drags Jen by her feet into the room. Jen tries to get her revenge by choking Mia and giving her wedgies but Mia eventually escapes up the stairs, but Jen is able to pull off her bottoms. This is one hell of a debut match.

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