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Nyla Jay Romero is one of the biggest dissappointments that I have ever had in apartment wrestling, not because she was bad, but because she had so much potential and didn’t come close to reaching it. She came in for a tryout match and wowed everybody with her effort. As a wrestler she was very aggressive and even cocky in an amusing way. She was short but kind of stock in a really curvy, sexy way, and she used her low center of gravity to literally keep opponents off-balance. She had a very nice personality but fell victim to too many voices whispering in her ear.

The Good: Very eager to do anything asked of her. Was not afraid to match up against the best. Was bold and creative in her moves and fairly strong based on her build and weight. Used her weight to her advantage and was more than happy to use her large breasts and big round ass to smother her opponents. Would not give up in matches, no matter how tired she got. Was pleasant and personable and was attractive and well built, in a way that was different from your average catfighter.

The Bad: Nyla was short and very curvy which meant she had to be very careful about adding on lbs.. Because of her size and stature, she had trouble with more talented wrestlers as they would literally try to run rings around her. They would often keep the matches high-paced and long hoping she would run out of gas. Even though she wouldn’t quit, it left her without enough energy to win the match. As nice as she was, she listened to the wrong people and it backfired against her.

The Personal: There was never a relationship although I found her appealing. She got talked into filming a “fake Tanako” video by Taylor Wilson and when she found out what it was used for, she panicked and quit the promotion, effectively ending her career. Too bad.

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[videojs mp4=”https://tanakox.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Voiceover-Brycee-Nyla.mp4″ poster=”https://tanakox.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/brycee-nyla02b.jpg” width=”540″ id=”nyla-brycee1″]

VIDEO CLIP – Nyla vs. Brycee Adams
Brycee Adams and Nyla Jay Romero are two emerging stars in ACW and both a ambitious and willing to do what it takes to get to the top. Brycee, the tattooed diva is the aggressor, hoping to intimidate her younger opponent. Nyla, however, has a lot of moxie, giving as much as she gets. While Brycee trash-talks, Nyla keeps looking for a weakness. Utilizing her very large breasts and big round ass, the younger Latina tries to use her weight advantage to gain control. Brycee, however, finds Nyla’s weakness… She’s mesmerized by Brycee’s big tits and drops her guard when she sees them hanging in her face and can’t resist tying to suckle one. Brycee knew the proper strategy now… give her what she wants. … go to our clips store

[videojs mp4=”https://tanakox.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Voiceover-Alex-Nyla.mp4″ poster=”https://tanakox.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/alex-nyla13b.jpg” width=”540″ id=”nyla-alex1″]

VIDEO CLIP – Nyla vs. Alex Del Monacco
Nyla Jay Romero is a big boobed big booty rookie eager to make a mark in ACW. Alex Del Monacco is an Internationally known model ready to show her superior grappling skills. The two are matched up in a battle of opposites. … go to our clips store

[videojs mp4=”https://tanakox.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/preview-nyla-annina640.mp4″ poster=”https://tanakox.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/nyla-annina-640.jpg” width=”540″ id=”nyla-annina1″]

VIDEO CLIP – Nyla vs. Annina Oksana
The Cutie with a Booty takes on the Hick from the Sticks. In this match-up of rookies you might think that both competitors would be rather tentative. Not these two. Nyla Jay Romero has already appeared impressive in her matches. With a phat ass and big tits to match, she bring both to bear in this matchup. Before bolting ACW to become a porn star (as Kella Monroe) Annina Oksana brought surprising attitude and fire to her first match. The two got so intense that ACW officials almost had to step in when things got a bit brutal. Even after the pinfall, that wasn’t enough as the action spilled over to the living room where both (now naked) competitors were still hot for action. … go to our clips store