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Tiffani “Carmen” Jones was incredibly popular. She was delightful as a performer and backstage. She also helped us to gain mainstream attention due to her appearance in Playboy. If I could have had ten more of her I would have wanted 15.

The Good: As quick as a hiccup, like a hummingbird, but as annoying as a gnat. Knew how to use wrestling holds and how to slip out of them. Was very aggressive considering her size disadvantage. Was a treasure marketing-wise. Made mainstream connection through her Playboy photo spread and actively promoted ACW.

The Bad: At 5′ 0″, 95 lbs., she was just so small that if her opponent got their hands on her, it could be over quickly. At her size she was nowhere nearly as strong as her opponents. Because of her mainstream success, she wasn’t able to always give her attention to catfighting and lost a lot of opportunities as a result.

The Personal: No, I didn’t have a relationship with Tiffani. Truthfully, as attractive as she was, she was so small I couldn’t look at her and not thing she was a child, so that was a total turn-off to me.

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VIDEO CLIP – Tiffani vs. Taylor Wilson

After five years of legal wrangling, we can now present this match. Wilson worked very hard to keep this match out of the public eye. This is the David vs. Goliath matchup that the catfight industry has only dreamed of. Most never thought it would happen because Taylor was in semi-retirement after her numerous sex scandals has caused her to be black-balled across the industry, but Tiffani had some choice words about WIlson and Wilson felt that Jones mouth wrote a check that her ass couldn’t cash. This is a matchup unlike any ever seen… in ACW!.. … go to our clips store

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VIDEO CLIP – Tiffani vs. Daniella Cartier
Daniella Cartier takes on Tiffani “Carmen” Jones. Daniella has the height, weight and strength advantage (a full nine inches) but Tiffani is known for her energetic tenacity so her plan is to wear the champion down. … go to our clips store

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VIDEO CLIP – Tiffani vs. Diane Hunter
Tiffani Jones wants the ACW Intercondominium belt and Diane Hunter has it. Hunter thinks Tiffani is undeserving and affords her no respect. Small but scrappy, Tiffani will not let the slight go unpunished and the battle begins. … go to our clips store