Madison was one of my favorite performers in ACW, mostly because of her personality. She was very easy to work with, very willing to work hard and very willing to take instruction. She didn’t necessarily have the greatest natural talent but she was one of those girls who rose to the occasion and to the level of her competition. Unfortunately, she also sank to the level of her opponents when the were not as talented. She wasn’t a ring general and had a hard time taking control of a match.

The Good: Athletically, she was young and fit, she could move well and was willing to take punishment in order to inflict punishment. She enjoyed the competition and the sport and was anxious to get down and dirty. Outside of her matches she was a very pretty girl, very much a girl next door, Nice breasts, nice rear end and she wasn’t shy about showing off her body

The Bad: Physically, she was an average size and strength and she didn’t have either the natural talent nor the technical knowledge to be a great wrestler, so she had to rely on her own scrappiness basically react to her opponents rather than lead the action. While this allowed her t be competitive, it also prevented her from dictating the action.

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Like I said, Madison was a delight to be around. She really made the room light up and even though she was sexy and attractive, she didn’t come across as slutty. In some ways, I thinks that’s what kept her from moving forward in the catfight industry. She caught the eye of some photographers and one of them submitted her photos to Playboy magazine. She did not get selected to shoot for the cover but her interest in modeling to precedence over her catfighting training.

I have a lot of match highlights that stand out of Madison.