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Tanako X - apartmentwrestlers.com
Hello. I am Tanako X.

Welcome to my site. I’ve held off from launching a site for a long time because, well, I’ve had so much controversy for a long time that I thought it would be hard to have one without constantly avoid having to address one scandal or another. However, I’m sick of avoiding commenting so I plan to tell my side of all of the stories that have been out there. So, my first order of business is to state:

Yes, I have had many relationships, affairs or trysts with some of the ACW girls. In fact, with MANY of them. I’m not denying it, I’m not ashamed of it, in fact I’m pretty proud of it. I guess I’m from the Sinatra generation. I was willing, they were willing and that makes for a great combination.

Tanako x and HeavenNow, having said that, there have been a lot of bullshit allegations (a nice way of saying straight out lies) made against me. Chief amongst the liars is Taylor Wilson. I don’t know what I did in another lifetime to deserve this deranged woman in my life but she has been a nightmare that I seemed to relive every few years for the last 15 years. I tell my side of that story in the scandals section.

Some background on me, I started out as a martial artist in Japan, was the star of a television show in Hong Kong before getting into mixed martial arts and eventually into professional wrestling. I helped to train some of the prominent female wrestlers in Japan and Great Britain before eventually getting involved in catfighting and apartment wrestling. I launched Apartment Championship Wrestling and have been involved in one form or another for more than 15 years, despite many attempts to depose me. I now oversee all of the videoshoots and photoshoots and well as the talent coordination.

One question that EVERYONE asks is what is with the mask. The mask has a long tradition in my family going back more than ten generations. One of my ancestors, Tanako I helped to rebel against a local warlord. To prevent repercussions against members of their families, he and ┬áhis compatriots wore masks. After the overthrow, he was made the provisional ruler of the territory and the mask became part of his legend and part of local folklore. Over the years his descendants have donned the mask for one reason or another. For me, it was initially worn as a gimmick in my martial arts tournaments, an attention getter. Later it became my trademark in my appearances in martial arts movies (much like Mexican and Japanese wrestling stars like El Santo and Tiger Mask). Unfortunately during a stunt in one of the movies, a device exploded prematurely and I was severely burned all over my whole body. It took almost a year before I was reeased from medical care. While I did receive slight scarring to my face, the mask helped to protect me. I suffered burns all over my body and have a lot of scarring. That is why in some of the “sex videos” that Taylor Wilson released you will see me fully clothed.

Anyway, like I said I’m going to be pretty upfront with stuff here and it might not be appropriate for sensitive, innocent ears, so viewer discretion is advised!