Alex Del Monacco

Alex Del Monaco -

Alex Del Monacco was a great champion in ACW, mostly because of her personality. She was very very pleasant and fun to be around, pretty low-key and didn’t really act glamorous even the she looked glamorous. She was a real student of the game and would talk for hours about cat fighting, pro wrestling and mixed martial arts. She was popular in the locker and was eager to help other wrestlers.

The Good: Athletically, she was fit, knowledgable and tireless. She moved like the combination of a leopard and a snake. She would stalk you, pounce and then wrap you up into one of a hundred of her holds. She was very knowledgable in utilizing joint locks. She loved catfighting as much as anyone I’ve ever known. Physically she was a true bombshell. She described herself as Amerasian and it gave her a great look and appeal. It also mad her look like a doll and a lot of people underestimated her. She was great with the fans and marketed herself and ACW in a great way all around the world. She was a great champion.

The Bad: Physically, she was very thing and while she had a wiry kind of strength she could get overpowed by the bigger, stronger girls. She had to rely on leverage for strength and sometimes this would force her to go away from her other strength. One place she was lacking was in her promos. She just never quite hit the right note or found the right cadence which was weird because in normal speaking she was great. I think this hurt her in terms of making memorable rivalries. Also, with her long hair it became a target for the other girls. One of her best attributes really became a hinderance to her and that is she was so dedicated to promotional tours that she really burned herself out.

The Personal: I got along with her so well that it really hurt me to see her retire, although I understand that sometimes there is only so long one can stay around this business. She was one of my closest platonic friends.

Alex was one of the best cat fighters to ever enter the promotion and one I think the young girls should look to emulate. She had everything. The Looks, the glamour, the mental approach, the love for the fans and, of course, the talent. It may be a long time before we see someone like her come in.

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VIDEO CLIP – Alex vs. Brycee Adams
Alex Del Monacco and Brycee Adams are two of the brightest stars on ACW and they both know that the other stands in her way in getting to the top. Alex, a gorgeous blonde bombshell, is a skilled technical wrestler, while the tattooed Brycee relies on intimidation and unpredictability. Both entered the world of apartment wrestling as well-reknowned models but each has put on her catfighting gear to claw her way to a victory. … go to our clips store


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VIDEO CLIP – Alex vs. Madison Payne
Alex Del Monacco is the seasoned veteran. Madison Payne is the eager rookie. The two combine for some heated action that leads to devastating impact. They fight on the floor. They fight on the bed. They even fight in the bathtub. This is a wild one you won’t want to miss. … go to our clips store


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VIDEO CLIP – Alex vs. Jezebel
The Blonde Bombshell meets the Brick Shithouse. Alex Del Monacco is long, lean and beautiful. Jezebel is a wrestling monster. She’s massively built, strong and mean. Unfortunately, she’s also sexually fascinated by Alex. Everytime she gets Alex in a compromising position, she gets horny and distracted. For Alex, the match is doubly difficult as she must fend off her opponents brute strength and not so subtle passes. … go to our clips store