Cassidy Collins


Cassidy Collins - ACW

Let me start by saying I couldn’t stand Cassidy Collins. In many ways I thought she was everything that was wrong with the women in the catfighting industry and she made me cringe during her entire run within the promotion.

The Good: I will give her credit. She fought hard, she was scrappy, determined and proud. She gave a good effort in every match and fought all comers. She worked through injuries and even when she was clearly overmatched, she continued to try hard to win the match. She was also pretty good doing promos. She understood how to use cadence.

The Bad: Where do we start? From a competition standpoint, while she worked very hard in the matches, she had almost no technique. That might be OK when you are a powerhouse like Taylor Wilson or Jezebel, but when you are Cassidy’s size, you have to have something more to work with than just a bad attitude. Speaking of which, she had a bad attitude from the get go. She couldn’t get along with any of the girls or anyone in management. Once there was a mixup with her model release and she forgot to sign it, which pushed back the release of a DVD in which she appeared. She tried to hold us up for more money just to sign her release. As for her appearance, she had a decent body although she wasn’t as firm as someone her age should have been. Let me just leave it there.

The Personal: There was no relationship between us period. Literally ten minutes after she signed her contract I wanted her out of the promotion. There was no romantic or sexual interest on my part and she seemed like the perfect candidate to scream sexual harassment. If she was the last woman on Earth, I might think about it, but I would think long and hard.


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VIDEO CLIP – Cassidy Collins vs. Daniella Cartier
Daniella Cartier and Cassidy Collins don’t like each other. There are a lot o examples of opponents who don’t care for one another in catfighting but Daniella and Cassidy seem to sicken one another. Daniella reportedly refused to take the match against Cassidy because she didn’t want to actually touch her opponent.The match got ugly fast with Daniella calling Cassidy ”Trailer Trash.” Cassidy responded by calling Daniella “Jungle Bunny Barbie. Did I mention that they don’t like each other. … go to our clips store

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VIDEO CLIP – Cassidy vs. Diane Hunter 
Diane Hunter has no respect for Cassidy Collins. Hunter, the technical wrestler who reigned for more than a year as ACW champion looks at Collins as an unskilled T and A slut. Collins doesn’t like to take shit off of anyone so she goes at the former champ with everything she’s got! … go to our clips store

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VIDEO CLIP – Cassidy vs. Daisee Douglas I
Daisee Douglas and Cassidy Collins don’t like each other. Something about the other just each girl the wrong way. As they prepare to meet in battle there is just something extra in the air that serves as a warning signal. Daisee, a buxom natural Double-D redhead is full of confidence, while Cassidy, a shapely brunette is full of sarcasm and cockiness. When these two mix, something is bound to explode. … go to our clips store