Gia Primo Torelli

Gia Primo Torelli -
She’s the one who got away. Gia wrestled for us early on under the persona as the “Golden Girl” Gia Torelli, in fact she was in our first video, matched up against Kristy Broussard. Well, truthfully, Gia was terrible. She looked scared and barely put up a fight and Kristy basically bullied her and pushed her around. It was her last match for ACW and she left soon after  Well who would have known that she would become one of the biggest stars in the catfight industry. After leaving ACW, she took up martial arts, grappling and MMA training and made herself into a world wide star. Goo for her… but we had her first.

The Good: Gia was a very nice girls, attractive and with a nice body. After leaving ACW she became proficient as a fighter in both girl-on-girl matches and in mixed wrestling.

The Bad: Well, when she wrestled for us, she just seemed scared. She would turn her back on her competitor so as not to get hit. She wouldn’t put up an aggressive attack. She seemed more in survival mode than anything else. She didn’t have much of a technique and wasn’t very strong. She just got intimidated and overpowered.

The Personal: She wasn’t with the promotion for anything more than a handshake, so I had no personal relationship with her. If I knew how big of a star she would become, who knows, I may have pursued her.
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VIDEO CLIP – Gia vs. Kristy Broussard
The “Golden Girl” Gia Torelli takes on Kristy “the Bruiser” Broussard. Gia (later known as Gia Primo) will have to run for her life as the bigger stronger meaner Kristy tries to dominate her.… go to our clips store