Ginger Bryant

Ginger Bryant -
She was one of the most celebrated catfighters in the history of Europe and she returned the United States to work in ACW. It’s a shame we only got to see her in her later years instead of her prime but she was still highly skilled why she was with us, easily schooling the girls she was matched against. One of the all time greats.

The Good
: Ginger was highly skilled, highly trained and highly passionate about the business of catfighting. Most of all she was a natural. When she was in her matches, you almost couldn’t tell she was trying, it just seemed to come so easily to her. She was fluid, poetry in motion. She had a specific skill-set but she rarely had to use a lot of move to get her opponent where she wanted her. One of the most overlooked things about Ginger is she made the matches look sexy. I mean really sexy and that’s not always easy for someone in their late 30’s (see her match with Mandy Taylor). She really could have been a giant in ACW had she worked with us in her prime.

Ginger Bryant -

The Bad: Because she came into the promotion past her prime, we didn’t get to see her at her best. For some of our fans, the cougar was an attraction, but many were only interested in younger stars. She didn’t have the quickness that she had displayed in Europe and wasn’t as motivated during her run with us because she knew she wasn’t going to be competing for the title belt, but she gave a great effort. We had planned a three years strategy for her but she suffered a compound fracture in a fall in the snow so she was forced to retire.

The Personal: While we didnt have a relationship per se, there was a lot of flirtation between us. In fact, it created a tension in the air that was so noticeable that it made a lot of people uncomfortable. So, we had a one-time, one-off. We just agreed to get together for sex one time and it was mind-blowing. As she described herself, she was “one hot bitch.” As good as it was, however, we knew that we were probably trouble for each other. So, from that point forward, there was no more flirting, just wink and a nod. Now, if she had remained with the promotion for longer, who knows?
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VIDEO CLIP – Ginger vs. Jezebel
This match could have been titled the Cougar vs. the Convict because while Ginger was looking to win the match against her larger opponent, Jezebel fought like it was a conjugal visit. Ginger spent much of the match avoid the bruising bully, hoping to tire her out but Jezebel acted like she was on a work furlough, trying to get a little action while the bosses head was turned.The two battled on the couch, the downstairs bed, went upstairs and tore the bed up and then moved back downstairs where Jezebel tried to tie Ginger while repeatedly talking about getting into her honeypot!
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VIDEO CLIP – Ginger vs. Mandy Taylor
What do you get when you match a porn star against one of the sexiest cougars on the planet. One of the hottest matches you will see. This one may have you wishing they’d stop wrestling and just get their groove on.Mandy Taylor is known as the resident porn star in ACW and while she has played down her sexpot image and become an accomplished wrestler, she can’t completely run away from her past. Ginger Bryant has enjoyed a storied career as a catfighter but is known to exude sexuality during her matches. This match combines the best of both, rough and tumble action and electric sexuality. Not to be missed. … go to our clips store
Ginger Bryant -
VIDEO CLIP – Ginger’s Naughty Nude Clip
Ginger Bryant. Call her a MILF, call her a Cougar. Call her what you want, but you WILL want to call her. Some women know how to act sexy and some just are sexy. Ginger is just flat out sexy. In addition to being an award winning catfighter, she has also been a fan favorite for her magazine layouts. Now she goes a step beyond, doing her first striptease for a video camera. … go to our clips store