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She should have been the greatest of all time . Never in the history of catfighting has more effort, promotion and money been wasted on an apartment wrestler. She was given everything and had it all but it just wasn’t enough. Heaven had everything you could possibly want in terms of someone to promote. She was knock-down drag-out gorgeous, a fantastic body and sexy beyond belief and was compelling enough to intimidate almost all of the wrestlers around her. But greed took over, in her mind, and she betrayed the promotion that made her a star. Next to the Taylor Wilson scandal, the rise and fall of Heaven was the most devastating event in the history of our promotion.

The Good
: What did this girl not have to offer. She had good size, about 5′ 6″, 125 lbs., and had an attitude with star written all over her. She intimidated almost everyone, most unable to figure out how such a gorgeous woman was actually in catfighting. She would get in the face of any of her competitors with most of the fading like shrinking violets  She wanted the title and the stardom, willing to cheat if that’s what it took to get it. In her early years she was the greatest marketing tool on earth. She had a beautiful face, great breasts, a nice ass and pretty much the best overall package (looks and body) to ever hit the industry.


Heaven - apartmentwrestlers.comThe Bad: She realized how valuable she was, but killed the goose that laid the golden eggs. First of all, as a real wrestling talent, she was really mediocre. I would say in a fair fight, without the intimidation, she might have been able to beat only half of her opponents. That’s not great for a champion, but her intimidation skill-set and the way we protected her allowed her to win and thrive as champion. When Taylor Wilson started squawking, however  it got Heaven’s attention and she decided she was bigger than the promotion. She held us up for the belt, she launched a sexual harassment suit against me, then left the promotion, effectively leaving a void that took years to fill and almost caused the collapse of ACW.

The Personal: I will never talk about what went on personally with Heaven. She has her story which she lied about in court and I know the truth. I can only say that I hope it was all worth it to her.

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