Jen Capone

Jen Capone -
Jen Capone is a rising star in ACW and is growing in popularity in a crowded roster. She is pleasant and easy to work with, but may be one of those people who has trouble getting out of her own way and this may prevent her from reaching her ultimate potential in the promotion.

The Good: Her best trait is that she is aggressive and seemingly fearless. She tries flying maneuvers that just aren’t seen in apartment wrestling. She is willing to take a beating in order to get a win and is very hard working at improving her craft. She is happy with photo shoots and other promotional opportunities.

The Bad: Jen sometimes takes two steps forward and three steps bad. As hard as she works to improve her skills, she refuses to follow a diet and exercise routine that would allow her to compete at the highest levels. She is easily overpowered by bigger wrestlers and has to rely on quickness to get out of bad situations. She has also found herself suspended numerous times for violating ACW policies. Whether she can learn from these mistakes and get herself on course will determine her career path.

The Personal: Jen and I have engaged in an off and on relationship over the last few years. She’s as aggressive and wild as she is wrestling but the relationship has never been what I would call serious. But, who knows what the future could hold. Then again, with her bad decisions, she may just be a ticking time bomb.

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VIDEO CLIPJen vs. Kaila Ali
Kaila Ali is back and this time she is taking on Slim Jen Capone.   Kaila thinks the IC belt is just a stepping stone to the ACW title and that Jen is a stepping stone as well. The action takes place throughout the house, starting in the living room and moving to the stairs, then one bedroom, then another and then another.Kaila doesn’t feel the need to be formal and uses one of her best weapons as she sits on Jen’s chest and smashes her ass down repeatedly. Jen responds by trying to pinch Kaila’s nipples off. Kaila returns the favors by spanking Jen’s ass and leaving her howling. … go to our clips store


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VIDEO CLIP – Jen vs. Galas Looner
Galas Looner and Jen Capone are throwing down. With both of their careers in the balance, Galas and Jen meet in a catfight showdown.  For each girl, a win in this match would get them one step closer to a shot at the Inter-Condominium title belt and some much needed credibility within the promotion. Jen is fearless as seen by her leaping naked Thesz press. Galas doesn’t impress easily so we have an evenly matched bout between two girls hungry for a win. This is a match-up of two girls who don’t mind getting naked to get a win… and this is A-C-W! … go to our clips store


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VIDEO CLIP – Jen vs. Kristin James

So Kristin James enters ACW mostly known as Megan Jones’ “little sister.” She doesn’t want to be looked at as having gotten special treatment. She wants to make a name for herself and she does so in a real roughhouse match against Jen Capone. These girls spare no amount of effort, with painful, strong-style cat fighting guaranteed to please any fan of apartment wrestling action.

At one point, Jen clobbered Kristin with an elbow shot that was so hard and so stiff, ACW officials almost stopped the match.

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