Jezebel -

Jezebel was a beast. She burst onto the scene and was downright scary. I don’t just mean she looked tough, she ooked just this side of crazy. She did everything but foam at the mouth. She was intimidating to everyone even when she was being nice. She had a lot of potential but personal problems and reliabilty issues brought her career to an early end.

The Good: She was big, tough, strong and mean. When I say mean, I’m talking about her aggression during matches. Outside of fighting she was a very pleasant, although kind of strange woman. She had a quirkiness that was a little hard to understand. She could overpower almost any opponent were her devastating power moves. She was surprisingly quick at times and had pretty good endurance for someone her size. She was about 5′ 7″, 165 lbs. and was built like a brick shithouse.

The Bad: Well, the bad thing is that Jezebel knew how tough she was but was a little too concerned with how masculine she looked. This caused her sometimes to not be as aggressive as she could be in a match. The mean streak that she could display, wasn’t always there and with her lack of experience, she couldn’t afford not to use every advantage at her disposal. She also had a thing for girls, if you know what I mean. This kept her distracted in a few matches, which was obvious against Alex Del Monacco and Ginger Bryant.

The Personal: There was no relationship with Jezebel. I did not find her attractive and her personality made me very uneasy. I guess I’m not THAT adventurous!


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VIDEO CLIP – Jezebel vs. Alex Del Monacco
The Blonde Bombshell meets the Brick Shithouse. Alex Del Monacco is long, lean and beautiful. Jezebel is a wrestling monster. She’s massively built, strong and mean. Unfortunately, she’s also sexually fascinated by Alex. Everytime she gets Alex in a compromising position, she gets horny and distracted. For Alex, the match is doubly difficult as she must fend off her opponents brute strength and not so subtle passes. … go to our clips store[videojs mp4=”″ poster=”” width=”540″ id=”jezebel-ginger1″]

VIDEO CLIP – Ginger vs. Jezebel
This match could have been titled the Cougar vs. the Convict because while Ginger was looking to win the match against her larger opponent, Jezebel fought like it was a conjugal visit. Ginger spent much of the match avoid the bruising bully, hoping to tire her out but Jezebel acted like she was on a work furlough, trying to get a little action while the bosses head was turned.The two battled on the couch, the downstairs bed, went upstairs and tore the bed up and then moved back downstairs where Jezebel tried to tie Ginger while repeatedly talking about getting into her honeypot!
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