Little -
Little made a big splash in her debut and looked to be a huge star in the making, and then she was gone. She looked like she was going to revolutionize catfighting with her high-flying, high-risk style but she didn’t stay around long enough to do so.

The Good: Outstanding athleticism and brave work-rate. Little came in and without telling anybody, in her first match she delivered a hurricanrana to her opponent. Everybody just stood there with their mouths open. She did a bunch of other stuff, high-flying, high-risk moves that we had never seen before. She was aggressive, and really enjoyed catfighting. She had a terrific personality and got along with everybody. From those points of view we were looking forward to making her a huge star.

The Bad: Little  had a small frame and would have to out-think and out-hustle her opponents. I think she could have done that but it’s still a matter of once a bigger wrestler gets her hands on Little it could be all over. While her catfighting skills were very good, she could use a lot of experience and training. Unfortunately, her success in her first few matches worked against ACW. She got a brief bit of publicity and parlayed that into a run as a feature dancer at a suburban Chicago strip club and that was it for her in ACW.

The Personal: Well, I have to admit that I did hook up with her. The girl wasn’t shy. She sent me the sexy video and then just showed up to my office and walked up and bent  over my desk and said “come over here and fuck me.” Well what was  I supposed to do. So over the next year we got together every couple weeks. It was cool because she wasn’t trying to get a boost in the company from me, just sex.

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VIDEO CLIP – Little vs. Kiana Price I
When Kiana Price and her friend Little made the long drive to Chicago for a tryout with ACW, they were the best of friends, cheering each other on. When they were scheduled against each other in their first match, things took a turn in another direction. A lot of resentment came out. Kiana resented the attention that Little for being 20 years old with a hot perky ass. Little was still pissed off at Kiana for making her pay for the trip to Chicago. The two battled in a no holds barred, clothing option catfight that had many in ACW talking. … go to our clips store


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VIDEO CLIP – Little vs. Kiana Price II
When Kiana Price and Little last battled, it was to determine which one would be offered a contract by ACW. Even though she lost that match, Little was so impressive the promotion rewarded her by inviting her back for a rematch. She did not disappoint. Little lays it all out on the line, first coming out with a mask to throw Kiana off. Kiana is none to impressed and takes the fight to her opponent, but Little displays athleticism not seen in ACW before. Can you say huracanrana in apartment wrestling. WOW! Don’t miss this one. … go to our clips store