Rosario Delgado

Rosario Delgado -

Rosario Delgado was probably the greatest ACW star not to wear the World Title Belt. She was popular amongst the fan base and feared by her opponents. She was also very temperamental which worked against during her title chases but she left an impact on the promotion and the industry that will not be forgotten anytime soon.

The Good: Rosario was of medium height but used her size perfectly. She could escape from opponent’s holds and then immediately turn the tables on them. She employed kicks and belly punches as well as submission holds before that style became popular. She was aggressive and cocky and could trash-talk with the best of them, even if you couldn’t understand entirely what she was saying. From a marketing standpoint, she was pure gold. She possessed a great body, with large breasts, a small waist the greatest ass in the history of apartment wrestling. Without going too far into it or gushing, it was so round and beautiful that we never stopped getting questions about whether it was round.

The Bad: She possessed a temper that could be very dangerous as it would lead her to act without thinking. She could be easily goaded into mistakes or bad decisions. She didn’t possess a great deal of strength and could be controlled by bigger wrestlers. Was often too aggressive in her matches, leading to injuries that held her back.

The Personal: Did I fool around with Rosario? You’re damn right. Seriously, there is no way I could resist that ass. We never had a relationship but we fooled around several times. I think she was simply trying to get a leg up but she was talented enough that she got her shots legitimately. That let me off the hook. She was fun in bed although I certainly could have done with the talking afterwards.

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VIDEO CLIP – Rosario vs. Daisee Douglas
This match can be summed up in the following exchange:Daisee: You Latinas call it a booty but it’s just a fat ass…”
Rosario: You’re damn right it’s a phat ass. One you never had.Big natural breasts vs. the best ass in the business. … go to our clips store

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VIDEO CLIP – Rosario vs. Diane Hunter
Diane Hunter’s reign as the ACW champion was not as happy as one would have expected. She felt after years of hard work and facing highly-skilled competitors that the newest breed of ACW competitors were a bunch of big-breasted, big booty powder puffs. She felt no differently about Rosario Delgado. Rosario, however, isn’t going to disrepectful from anyone, not even the champ. This one got so wild and rough that the match was halted when Rosario picked up a chair and tried to hit Diane. When it continue, both girls gave their all to inflict pain and insults with belly punching, scissor lock holds and more. … go to our clips store

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VIDEO CLIP – Rosario vs. Brycee Adams
Rosario Delgado has a bad attitude. She’s attractive, sexy and has the finest, phattest ass in all of catfighting, but she doesn’t play well with others. Brycee Adams comes into the match with an attitude of her own. With big white breasts and a sleeve full of tattoos, Brycee is brimming with self-confidence. These two berate each other for twenty minutes of action and exert every ounce of energy trying to win the match. Great action. … go to our clips store