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Taylor Wilson. Where do I begin? I’ll be fair. She was probably the single greatest attraction in the sport, capable of drawing mainstream attention. Because of her size, strength and over-the-top personality she got the attention of more ears than our best marketing campaigns would have ever achieved.

The Good: At 6′ 0′, 165 lbs., she had amazing size and strength. She could literally lift her opponents straight into the air and throw them across the room. She was impossible to move when she didn’t want to be while being almost unstoppable when she got her momentum going. She was intimidating, as much for her unpredictable (some would say instability) as her size. The ultimate powerhouse who could just batter her opponents into submission. Was strong enough too break out of submission holds. Had a massive bust which should took glee in using to smother her opponent. Had an equally large ass which she enjoyed sitting on her opponents faces.

The Bad: Could be very clumsy and slow. Very temperamental and high strung which would cause her to make bad decisions. She made a lot of bad decisions. Would often get more fixated on making a point than winning a match. Walked away from several matches because of one dispute or another. Not loyal to the promotion, starting the mechanisms behind the “fake Tanako” scandal and disrupting the promotion for years.

The Personal: Yes, I had a long running sexual relationship with Taylor that I describe here. As I mention, sexually she was great, but I would rather have gotten and STD from her than the hell she put me through over the course of several years.

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VIDEO CLIP – Tiffani vs. Taylor Wilson
After five years of legal wrangling, we can now present this match. Wilson worked very hard to keep this match out of the public eye. This is the David vs. Goliath matchup that the catfight industry has only dreamed of. Most never thought it would happen because Taylor was in semi-retirement after her numerous sex scandals has caused her to be black-balled across the industry, but Tiffani had some choice words about WIlson and Wilson felt that Jones mouth wrote a check that her ass couldn’t cash. This is a matchup unlike any ever seen… in ACW! … go to our clips store