I loved Mandy Taylor because she came in and showed that she really wanted to be a catfighter. For those who don’t know, a few girls left ACW to venture out into the world of adult entertainment, whether that was was Tiffani Jones who appeared in Playboy magazine or Jazmine Cashmere who became a big star in adult movies. Mandy Taylor did it in reverse. She left eh adult industry to become an apartment wrestler.

Mandy was a real competitor and she was well known for finishing a match huffing and puffing but in every one, so was her opponent. She took everybody to the limit, surprisingly taking some of the best catfighters in the industry and she stood toe to toe with them. In all my years in this business, it always put a smile on my face to see somebody who wanted it so bad.

The Good: Endurance. Desire. Passion. Determination. Mandy was not what I would call a catfighting artist (unless you consider her a Picasso). She didn’t have the natural technical skills but she took very well to training. She was humble, eager to learn and to employ her training. Not matter what she would not give in. She fought until the end of every match. It was always interesting to see better wrestlers wear down and start panicking because they couldn’t put her away.

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Mandy was great to work with and always a had a great attitude with management and the other wrestlers behind the scenes. During a match, however, she could be very unpredictable.