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She is renowned the world over for her incredible body, but Rosario Delgado has gained respect throughout the catfighting world for her tenacity, aggression and confidence.

“People can overlook me, and they can laugh at me, but eventually, they will fear me.” – Rosario Delgado

Rosario Delgado -

She has the roundest ass in the western hemisphere but  the former beauty queen possess quickness, aggression and confidence that has made her a feared opponent. The daughter of an Argentinean diplomat and a Spanish artist, she wouldn’t seem to be destined for the tough life of a catfighter, but it seems fate had that in mind for her. Beautiful and graceful, she was working as a model when she was involved in the infamous “Catfight on the Catwalk.” While in the finals of the Miss Argentina contest, Rosario was assaulted but the 3rd place finalist. Delgado stunned the crowd, forcing the girl to the ground and ripped her dress off. She became an international star overnight, prompting a bidding war between combat sports promotions. After wrestling for a year for a Mexican professional wrestling promotion, Rosario signed with Apartment Championship Wrestling promoter Tanako X.

Rosario Dlgado vs. Daniella Cartier -

 Delgado would go on to score major victories in the promotion and captured the Inter-Condominum title on two occasions. Her battles against Mandy Taylor and Diane Hunter were legendary and her match against Mandy Taylor was voted one of the five favorite matches in ACW history in a fan poll.

Despite her success, she was unable to capture the ACW title. Rosario argues that she was limited in her opportunities, passed up by blond bimbos with little talent. Other competitors argued that it was just the opposite and that Rosario only got the push that she did because she was involved a personal relationship with Tanako X. Regardless of which argument was true, Delgado, left the promotion suddenly, while still holding the Inter-Condominium belt. She returned to Argentina with vast speculation that she was going to hold the promotion up for the belt, but instead she signed on as an actress in a soap opera and retired from the catfight industry.

Rosario Delgado lived up to a lot despite a great deal of resistance to her chances. By carrying the IC belt for two years and winning matches against three former world champions, she cemented her place in catfighting history.

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