The Taylor Wilson Scandal

Taylor Wilson - ACWThe Taylor Wilson Scandal. OK. You know one of those situation when you know to walk away, when you know it’s not going to turn out well, when your brain and everyone else is telling you to stay clear of someone. That is the story of my relationship with Taylor Wilson. Now let me say up front, it was purely a sexual thing for me, or better stated, a sexual challenge. Now most of the girls in ACW are around 5’4″, 120 lbs. Taylor Wilson was around 6′, 165 lbs. of aggressive sexuality and all woman. I have to be honest, she was unbelievable. She was really good. Part of it was  being able to control her wild ass. It was like riding a Brahma bull and trying not to get thrown. Plus, she was into anything and everything. So as far as the sex was concerned we were compatible and then some.

What I didn’t count on was was that she was one of the most calculating and conniving women I had ever met. She had planned to take me down for more than two years before I even met her. What the hell is up with that. As she later explained to one of the girls, she felt like she would never get a chance to become a catfighting star and felt that if she ever worked for ACW that I would hold her down. Now this is before ever meeting me. How stalker crazy does that sound. So she put together this plan in her head and put it into effect for years. First she worked her way into my inner sanctum, then she got into the ears of some of the ACW girls, then she put on this charade with these “fake Tanakos,” then she went to the press, then she went to court and then she worked her way on the management team and had me removed as President of ACW. Quite a plan, and I fell for almost all of it.

Taylor Wilson -

The beginning. I was alerted by one of our agents, Von Slagle, about this powerhouse woman with HUGE tits, who could be our Andre the Giant gate attraction, you know, not a great wrestler, but definitely something to see in action. So, I went over to Japan where she was wrestling and she was impressive in person, literally throwing girls across the room. When I met with her in private, she told me that working in ACW was all she ever wanted to do. She told me she would do anything to get a chance. Now a lot of girls say that, but then she says “I’ll blow you right now for a tryout.” OK, now at first I thought she was joking, but then she whipped off her top and dropped down and unzipped my pants. Well, she got the tryout!

So when we got back to the states she signed a contract and started with the promotion and she did very well. She won the D-Cup championship and she was moving up in the rankings in ACW. From a personal standpoint, we had a relationship but it was entirely sexual. No dinner, no movies, she would just come over to my place almost every night just to have sex. She had those huge boobs and she was obsessed with her ass, so she was really a lot of fun between the sheets. She even wanted me to film us and she pushed me to install a video recording system in my house (little did I know what would happen later because of it).

The problem started when she began pushing me to put her in a title match against then champion Heaven. She wasn’t ready for a title match and we damn well knew she wasn’t ready to represent our promotion and carry our belt, but she became obsessed with it. I told her that as she continued to improve and move up the ranks that she would get her chance. This wasn’t enough for her and I noticed small changes in her. Not in the bedroom, because she certainly brought it there, but I should have been more wary. I noticed her talking a lot to some of the girls, the old veterans and the new girls, which was odd for her because she didn’t associate with the other wrestlers a lot. When I left for a trip to California she was in the shower so I told her to lock up and set the alarm on her way out.


Little did I know but she began putting her plan into effect that weekend. First she brought over some of the ACW girls and some guys to my house, recording them in risque and compromising situations. Thus, when I returned after the weekend, I was confronted by my nephew, Masahiro, who was a Vice President for ACW at that time with this video footage showing what I had been up to.

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Now clearly that is not me in the video. I have never weighed more than 215 lbs. in my life and the pig in this video is around 270 lbs.  Unfortunately, I would find out later that Taylor had gotten some of the other girls to video tape our romantic encounters and put some of these videos out in the public and even though it was clear that she was behind it, suddenly a bunch of the ACW girls saw a quick payday ahead and made claims of sexual harassment against me. The thing is Taylor had the videos edited, interspersing some footage from my collection with her fake footage and when we went to court she presented it as if it was all real (see her footage below – no sound).

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Fake Tanako

Fake Tanako with Little

Fortunately, after a long, long time of me making denials the court saw through her bullshit. It also helped that one of the people she hired to play “me” forgot to cover his arms and if his darker skin didn’t prove it wasn’t me, his tattoos did (see photo).

Now you would have thought that things would have ended there, but not with Taylor. She began dating another member of management and the next thing I knew more allegations began popping up. And again and again and again. She just wouldn’t let things drop, no matter how many times she failed in her bullshit. I finally had to sue her, so she took off for Hong Kong and has continued bad-mouthing me from there.

The Aftermath: We all have regrets in life and for me, none are bigger than my involvement with Taylor Wilson. Not only did she interfere with me personally and professionally, but she ended up harming ACW. After her allegations, Heaven got greedy and held the belt hostage by threatening with sexual harassment allegations and that ended up being the beginning of the end of her involvement with ACW. That was a shame because we had put three years of marketing behind her and we planned on her having a five to seven year run. That cost us a lot and it really damaged the promotion.

Now, a lot of people have pointed out that I brought a lot of this on myself. True. If I hadn’t slept with Taylor or some of the other girls, these allegations would not have been brought against me (well, with some of these girls, they probably would have), but hey that’s me. I like women and enjoy my lifestyle. In all of the relationships they were open and honest and consensual. I mean, let’s be honest, could I be in a better situation to be able to date hot women? I suppose if I was Hugh Hefner, but hey, I have no complaints.

But make no mistake… I hate Taylor Wilson.



Crazy? You be the judge!
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